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"The Solution is not changing people. The solution lies in changing the organization."

--Clare W. Graves, 1966
For Organizations

Psychological consulting aims to improve the structure and processes of an organization by including psychological factors. With the results of the scientifically validated tool
my motivation®
managers and employees get to know their motivating and demotivating factors. You can use these to make your own work more motivating, work together in more efficiently and deepen your strategic planning through a psychological point of view.

Team Motivation

We make the motivational structure in the team visible and work out the similarities and differences. As a result, the employees get better acquainted and can precisely determine which type of collaboration is motivating and demotivating for whom.
This knowledge is also a suitable starting point for developing common values (core values) and guidelines for cooperation.

Job Design and Person-Job Fit

Knowing which tasks and activities are motivating for whom usually results in many optimizations. For individuals, work can often be made more pleasant by redistributing tasks in line with motivation.
At the organizational level, processes can be designed to be more motivating. This usually increases productivity. In addition, the potential for frustration is reduced and the flow factor increases.


We optimize the onboarding of new organizational members by introducing new and existing employees to each other on motivational psychological level. This enables them to get well-acquainted right from the start, it prevents misunderstandings and prepares the start of the new employee optimally.
The cultural fit results from the similarities and differences of the value preferences of the new and existing employees. This dimension, which is quite difficult to illustrate, is made visible.

Startup Development

Startups go through different stages of development in only a few years. Many founders face similar problems, such as the redistribution of responsibilities in the founding team, the introduction of processes, the professionalization of purchase and sales, or the establishment of a functioning Human Resources department.
Psychological factors such as personal values, expectations and motivations play an important role in all of these areas. I advise you on how to take this into account in a systematic way and thereby establish more sustainable solutions earlier.