"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I change."

--Carl Rogers

My professional stance is characterized by an exploratory perspective on the world, people and myself. When I explore and try to understand things, I am highly motivated and enjoy being benevolently interested in finding solutions together with my clients for their concerns.
I rely on a combination of different approaches. My thinking is strongly value-oriented, I have extensive knowledge in motivational psychology and I am trained and supervised in transaction analysis. My approach is also influenced by systemic thinking, Gestalt psychology and system constellations.
My guiding principle is to promote autonomy. On the one hand, this means becoming aware of oneself and one's environment, building relationships and acting in a solution-oriented manner. On the other hand, it is about engaging openly with internal and external changes.

Qualification and professional career

► Psychological consultant and coach since 2012
► Certified Transaction Analytical Counselor (DGTA / EATA)
► Dr. phil. (PhD equivalent) at the University of Regensburg, topic: The Psychometric Properties of the Motivational Value System Questionnaire
► Lecturer for project management, motivational psychology and scientific work
► Four years research assistant at the Regensburg University of Applied Sciences
► Certified my motivation consultant
► Business Administration, double degree at Regensburg University of Applied Sciences and EUCC Bilbao
Working languages: German, English and Spanish